Revathi Kadari

Gator Alumni

About me:

Hi all! I graduated from University of Florida in Fall 2015 term(CS major). I currently work for Sears Holdings Corporation based in Chicago, Illinois.

Gators for Asha strives for providing education for under privileged children in India through various projects in different parts of the country. I have been associated with Gators for Asha ever since I came to UF and I feel I am incredibly lucky to be part of the team, supporting causes I strongly believe in.

Running Experience:

I ran my first ever race for Gate River Run 2015 after I met ASHA group that combined running with fund-raising. Starting with no experience in running AT ALL, I trained enough to finish GRR 2015, GRR 2016 and this is my third Gate River Run. I’ve even finished three half-marathons all because I met this awesome group , got motivated and started running 🙂 ASHA has provided me with great platform to train, run, be part in educating less privileged children and I can’t be more thankful for finding such a dedicated group.

My request:

I am sure many of us at some point of time want to help someone but do not find a proper medium to trust the source and are worried if we have chosen the right path.
However now, you can stay assured that your donation goes into right hands and will surely help at least one child who is less fortunate. Everything that ASHA UFlorida does is transparent. I personally steward for the project Sphoorti and I can vouch for Asha Uflorida’s transparency by answering any questions you might have now or in future. Asha Uflorida handles 5 such projects and need your help in generating funds required for these projects!

“To help others is to help oneself”

Your donation small or big, can go long way in helping many people.
Consider the number of people getting benefited through your one act of kindness.
First of all, the children in India,who will have long term and direct impact on their futures,
Secondly in motivating me for doing what I am doing and also to go that extra mile even in times of difficulties,
Thirdly, Team ASHA to take up more projects(there are many children needing help!) and motivate more members to join and support the cause, and
last but definitely not the least, yourself when you look back realizing you transformed and motivated many people.
So, take up this chance, hit the donate button and feel good about yourself for contributing for a cause! 🙂
Thank you!!

500 USD Target
350 USD Raised
8 Supporters
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