Janani Prakash

Graduate student

About Me:
Hello! I’m Janani! I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida and I’m that much closer to making my mark in the industry! A single child, I’ve been encouraged to be an ardent reader, active blogger with a love for snap-fiction writing, sketching and photographing. I also love tutoring, which got me involved with a variety of NGOs back in India and champion their cause. Most of my projects have been geared with an altruistic approach, trying to make life easier for the society.

Running Experience:
I’ve always been an active soul, and I’ve channeled all that energy into constructive outlets. I’m a classical dancer (Bharathanatyam, native to Tamil Nadu, India) and Carnatic vocalist. I captained the Volleyball, Shuttle and Throwball team back in school and undergrad, until I critically injured my shoulder, costing me a chance at the nationals and play professionally.

It was then that I realized the joy of running – that there was more to it than I gave credit for. I found solace in the repetitive motion and the chance to push the limits of my endurance and to redefine what I could and couldn’t. Running gives me the feeling of empowerment – I always want more from myself and that involves resetting my comfort zones – because I know just how much effort goes into making it to the finish line and that feeling of exhilaration is nothing short of epic.

Meeting and teaming up with Asha has been a boon, for, we are a group of like minded individuals, boosting each other to do something worthwhile and make an impact in the world, one step at a time. We meet up at the Hawthorne trail every weekend to train for the long runs and we have fun doing it!

My Request:
This year I want my runs to mean something. I am running the Gate River Run (a 15k run) to make a difference. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years of learning and I am one of the fortunate ones who’s managed to live my dream of doing my Master’s. There are thousands of children out there who go without basic education, without the bare necessities to survive – so different to the luxurious lives that we lead! I feel that as those with more to give, it is our right, our duty, to ensure that we help uplift the lives of those with more need than ours.

Every single contribution will go to support one of the 4 current projects in India that we, (UFlorida – Gator’s for Asha), are currently undertaking. The particulars about the projects can be found here.

No amount is too less and every cent is going to put a brilliant smile on a child’s face when they get the opportunity to live their dreams!

Please use the link on the left to donate. I know many of you already contribute to other excellent causes, but if you could include Team Asha to those contributions it will be nothing short of miraculous to kids back home. Thanks in advance for your support. 🙂

Contact uflorida@ashanet.org if you need more information and one of our volunteers will promptly get back to you!

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