Deepak Chhangani

Post-Doc, McKnight Brain Institute, University of Florida

About Me:

Hi, this is Deepak Chhangani. I work as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at McKnight Brain Institute in the University of Florida. I have earned PhD degree from Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Born and brought up in a heritage city of Rajasthan, namely Jaisalmer, also popular as Golden City. The rich culture of typical Indian populations of the deserts, still realizes historical aspects in its fully colored decorum. Being lived in such place, I understand, isolation from the modern society had succeeded to preserve the traditions yet retained several such areas away from basic education even. I have been prompted through my experiences to be capable of helping those under privileged people of India in getting exposure to education so that they can grow. I have come to know about Asha 3 years back when one of the pioneers of the Asha chapter at UF met with me in Jodhpur. I found Asha as an excellent way to help such children who are away from basic education in India. It’s more than a grateful feeling that I am now at the University of Florida and have become a part of the Team ASHA. I wish to raise funds for a better India, educated India!

Running Experience:

I had followed a routine running schedule being in IIT Jodhpur. I usually run 3 miles regularly. I had also completed two mini marathons (~12K). It is first time when I am going to run 15K for Gate River Run on March 11 th , 2017. I don’t think, there could barely be any better way to help people while keeping you healthy.

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