Team Asha UFlorida is gearing up our efforts to raise funds for the education of underprivileged children in India while achieving health & fitness simultaneously. We achieve this goal each year by ‘fundraising thru running’ via participation in Gate River Run (GRR) in March at Jacksonville.
Please come and celebrate our Kick-off for GRR 2018 on Sunday, November 5 at Bivens Clubhouse – Facebook event.

Next year, the run is scheduled for Saturday, March 10 and we have started the training to go from 0 to 9.3 miles (15k). We run 3 times a week – Tuesday & Thursday evenings in Kirkwood subdivision on SW 13th Street and Saturday mornings on the Hawthorne Trail. All this under the tutelage of our endearing coach couple, Rick and Dana who make sure everyone imbibes the correct techniques and does not get injured along the way to the finish line. Hand-in-hand is our expectation that each runner will raise a minimum of $50 from friends and acquaintances by creating an online profile and request for contributions. We will help you every step along the way. Please check our GRR page for more info.

Here is the sign-up form for the GRR Kick-off Potluck celebration.

Please come join us in having fun time at the kick off party!! 🙂

Some pics from last year 2017 kick off party

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