Running as a Lifestyle: by Coach Rick

Little did I know that when I began dabbling in running in the mid 1970’s that I would still be getting outdoors nearly 40 years later. I was simply looking for an activity that I could use to stay in shape after I joined the working world and found my time and opportunities to play team sports diminished. Running seemed to be such an activity. I never imagined it could be so much more. It has led to fantastic friendships, amazing adventures, terrific travels, self exploration and so much more. One popular t-shirt says that “running is my therapy”. It is unparalled as a stress reliever. It is the type of activity that sociologist William Glasser referred to as a “positive addiction”. It can be done almost anywhere at anytime by anyone with just a pair of shoes and some simple clothing. It can be done alone, with a solo partner or with a group. It can be just for fun, for personal accomplishment or as a competitive sport. As many different runners as there are, there are that many different reasons to run. But one of the major themes that flows through many of these runners and their reasons is the simple joy that running can bring. Most of us that have been running for years started for our bodies and continued for our minds. Running is good for our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Although we may not think of ourselves as animals, we are. And we are an animal that is meant to move and to be active. In our modern world where so many of us spend our days seated at desks, seated in cars or other transports or seated at home in front of a screen, running is the antidote to the sedentary lifestyle. Simply put one foot in front of the other. It need not be a punishing, grueling activity, just go at your own pace and enjoy the world around you. Take your time and expand your effort gradually. In fact, the mantra for our group is, “too much, too soon, too fast is the sure passport to injury”. So go out the door and take the first step. You’ll be glad you did. Go run, have fun!

Running as a Lifestyle: A talk by Rick and Dana
On July 24, 2012, coaches Rick and Dana gave a talk on ‘Running as a Lifestyle: Running for fun, Running for fitness, Running for a purpose’ at University of Florida’s Reitz Union, Room 285. Although the videos from that talk are no longer available, the talk was aimed at answering questions that probably come up in every beginner’s mind, for e.g. Interested in running but don’t know where to begin? They also responded to inquiries from folks who had been running and training professionally.

Through this talk, they shared their knowledge on the simple and yet so complex looking exercise called “Running”. In this talk, attendees learned how running is for all ages and fitness levels and how you can start it anytime; the do’s and dont’s of running; how charity organizations raise funds for their causes through running and how Asha UFlorida’s Team Asha does it.

Coaches Rick Swenson and Dana Moser have a combined running experience of more than 60 years. They have been involved in coaching for many few years now.

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