Ramya Sivakumar

University of Florida

About me:

Basically, a Singara Chennaite, who came to Gainesville for pursuing a MS in Biomedical Engineering and who went on to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. Gainesville truly has been serving as a home away from home for me and Gators for Asha has played a significant role in making it so. I have acquired a lot of friends and well-wishers through the team and have had the opportunity to be a part of the valuable cause supported by Asha. The whole campaign is geared towards supporting and raising funding for education related projects of underprivileged kids in India and we have been successfully supporting 5 projects in India for the past few years. Gators for Asha serves as a beautiful niche for the Indian community over here and helps in forging new friendships and uniting all the Indians for a common great cause.

Running experience:

Moving on, let me give you a brief of my achievements in running! 🙂
I am a very reluctant runner, it’s pretty much the single activity I shun away from even while visiting the gym. I have participated in 5ks only if they have a fun or adventure element within them. So, I was very apprehensive about taking up a 15k solo running event. I wasn’t sure if I will be even up for the task, but the team’s constant support and encouragement can simply shred your doubts to pieces and make you believe that you are a total pro in it. The team has changed my outlook towards running and their constant support and motivation have helped me finish several races successfully including a full marathon as well.
So, please don’t hesitate to join the team even if you are a novice runner. The team and the coaches will help you do wonders. The added benefit of helping for a cause through my running has helped me stay motivated and I am looking forward to participate in my third 15k.

My request:

Think about the number of times we might have come across a video or article about an act of charity or a touching gesture and our immediate reaction towards liking or sharing that page in our social network? I am sure everyone amongst us must have felt the urge to give back to the community in a similar vein at that moment. Alas, sometimes the opportunity never arises or we are too lazy to go and search for a cause, approve of its legitimate nature and finally click the donate button.
I have been there and done that, and I knew just carrying across these thoughts of good will and an occasional act of alms isn’t going to help the community on a large scale. As the wise quote goes “Be the change you want to see in the world”- I have acted upon my procrastination and decided to get dedicated towards a social awareness foundation.
Asha at UFlorida have been doing a splendid job in creating a difference among the lives of many children in India by supporting their educational needs. Giving the gift of education. is according to me the best of gifts. A meal a day or a few bucks at a time can definitely help the needy for a day or two, but providing them the benefit of education can help them aspire for a better and brighter future and eventually help in uplifting them from their current situations. So, after reading my lengthy rant, if you have feel even a teeny bit inspired/motivated, I kindly urge you to do your small part for the society by donating for any Asha related project using the donate button. Thanks for taking the time to visit my page.

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900 USD Raised
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Asha for Education is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

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