Mangesh Shettigar

University of Florida

About me:

Graduate Business Student pursuing Master in Information Systems and Operations Management at University of Florida. I have three years of work experience as a software engineer at Larsen and Toubro Infotech in Navi Mumbai, India.

Running experience:

Right from childhood, my parents have always encouraged me to succeed in everything that I do. I loved to play sports right from a very young age, but I had to face a small hiccup as I grew. I was diagnosed with asthma and this limited my ability to run faster than other kids of my age. I got discouraged and I put on a lot of weight as I grew older. Until one day, when I learned that there are athletes who have asthma and still excel in sports. Few famous examples are David Beckham, Novak Djokovic, and Michael Phelps!

In October 2014, I decided that I shall participate in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon at least once in my lifetime. Initially I had set my goal to run a half-marathon at SCMM 2016. I did some research and found out that to qualify for SCMM, you need a qualifying time from one of National or State approved timed runs. I began training for a 10k in January 2015. While training, not only did I lose weight but also my breathing improved. From October 2014 to February 2015, I lost 14kgs and completed my first half-marathon in 2:30:32. My time was not good enough to qualify for SCMM 2016 Half-marathon, so I registered for Full Marathon – because there was no way I was sitting back now. I trained through entire 2015 and finished my first full marathon at SCMM 2016. It took me 6hrs 20mins, but I managed to complete.

My request:

I have 3 requests:

  1. It is never too late to start running/jogging/walking. If an asthmatic like me can do, you too can do it. You can start by walking/jogging/running for 20 mins a day. If you walk/run for 20 mins a day, you end up walking/running approx. 15kms a week. Isn’t this easy?
  2. If you are fortunate to read this, means you are doing good in your life. There are kids in India who can’t read, who can’t go to schools, who don’t have proper clothes, whose parents have abandoned them because of the hardships they face. Gators For Asha funds the projects in India who take care of these kids and educate these kids.

We feel for those kids. We feel that we would like to do something for them. But it is practically difficult for us to take time from our busy schedule and help these kids on our own. Gators for Asha supports projects who take care of these kids by raising money through this Gate River Run 15k marathon.

  1. One burger + fries + taxes + tip worth $10 will fund one child for a month! Yes, $10 is what it takes to raise a citizen of tomorrow. Also, giving up a burger worth $10 will improve your running pace by 10secs/km and if you have just started running then you already know the importance of a healthy diet.

What is your excuse for not staying fit? You can thank me by donating to the cause that I am supporting. And I will be happy to donate for your cause in future!


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