Shiva Halan

Computer Science Post Doc at University of Florida

About Me:

I’m Shiva, a computer scientist currently working for the Media Effects and Technlology lab in the College of Journalism at the University of Florida. I am from the beautiful hill station of Ooty in Southern India. I set foot in this wonderful land of opportunites in 2008 for my Master’s with a dream of my own to chase. Turned out that once I got done with my Master’s, my dreams just grew bigger and I ended up staying back for a doctoral degree, which I completed in 2016. All through my life I have kept myself busy with one activity or the other- but my experience with Asha for Education, which has spanned the last 8 years, has been the most satisfying experience to-date. I believe in what Asha stands for and feel that it is one cause that every individual can get excited about!

Running Experience:

I’ve always wanted to run. And that in essence sums up my running experience before I joined Team Asha. I’ve always felt that running was something cool and dreamt not little about running away to glory. I always decided that I would start running very soon but, that soon.. was never soon enough. Then I discovered Asha and then soon Team Asha happened, defining running as something that you could do for a cause. Excellent Cause + Great Group + Fitness = RUN!. And so finally, I practiced and ran the Gate River for the first time in 2009 – a daunting 15k but I did it and I have no words to explain how good I felt! Since then I’ve completed seven Gate River Runs and a half-marathon! I’m hoping to continue with my running streak with my 8th GRR this year!

My Request:

Three compelling reasons why you should honour my request of donating for Team Asha:

# Forget me… Look at the cause! Asha helps to educate children in India by providing financial and administrative assistance to thousands of students every year. The success of projects sponsored by Asha UFlorida stand testimony to the dedication and effort put in by Asha members to make a difference.

# Forget the cause … look at me!! I can do with running 15k, right? For all those who know me… please donate so that I keep running.. Don’t let me go back to dream-running again! 🙂

# Donate for your sake! How many times have you watched the news on TV and resolved to do something… (Anything!!!) for societal good. And all those resolutions have long remained unfulfilled because we did not find the right channel to operationalize your intent. Here is one! What better way to contribute than help educate the future pillars of India???

Here are some pictures and a report from when I spent an entire day with children supported by Asha through the FORWORD project in five different villages in Kancheepuram district in TamilNadu. It was a life-changing experience and it is for these kids that I run today.

This year is very special to me…it is definitely one year that I have more confidence that there are more and more good people around me! And you good people, join me this day to give me and the kids enough reasons to believe in good!


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