Sarathy K Gopalakrishnan

Graduate Student

I am currently pursuing my masters in Materials Science and Engineering at University of Florida. I was raised in Tiruchirappalli, India. I got my Bachelors from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and then I moved to Florida to pursue my masters. Apart from academics, I like photography, astronomy and travelling.

Running Experience
After moving to Florida, I started doing bootcamp and stadiums training to keep my body fit. I occasionally took running for improving my cardiovascular endurance. Last year I was introduced to Asha, Gators for run by one of my friends. I started running in the Gainesville- Hawthorne trail along with members of Asha each Saturday. I liked the peacefulness and the diversity around the trail and developed a taste for running. For me running is a battle between the mind that wants to stop and the mind that wants to run an extra mile. With each run my pace and distance increased and now I’m finally here running my first 15K run at Gate river run 2017 at Jacksonville on my birthday (11th March 2017). I’m looking forward to run a half marathon by the end of this year.

My Request
With great privilege comes great responsibility. I feel privileged for having access to good education through the opportunities I had in my life. This privilege instilled a greater responsibility within me to help those kids in India who are under privileged in terms of access to opportunities for better education. I want to contribute for this cause by running the 15k Gateriver run on 11th March, 2017 and raise funds that can be used for the welfare of educating the underprivileged kids. I hope you can help me in my effort by donating to this cause. Any amount, big or small, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance for your support.
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500 USD Target
50 USD Raised
5 Supporters
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