Ravi Venkatraman


About Me:

I have been working in Gainesville since June 2013, and have been involved with Asha for the same period.

Running Experience:

I’ve never been into sports or too much physical activity. But I’ve tried to do my bit to keep myself active over the last couple of years. On March 11th, I will be running my fourth 15K at the Gate River Run. Other than,I’ve completed two Half-Marathons and one Full-Marathon. I train with Team Asha on the beautiful Hawthorne trail every weekend, and they’ve really helped me to get up and going!

My Request:

As has been the case for the past few years, I am dedicating my run to a very specific cause and group of people. I am supporting Senthil and all the people at Payir Trust at Thenur, Tamil Nadu. Payir is one of the projects with which Asha-UF has had a long and successful relationship, and I have the honor of coordinating the project on behalf of Asha-UF this year.

Leaving behind a fruitful career in US, Senthil moved to his hometown, Thenur, in 2004 and started Payir. Payir’s vision is to transform rural regions into self-reliant, sustainable communities. Children are groomed locally to become leaders of their own societies in the future, through a mix of traditional and modern teaching techniques, and vocational training. Over the years, Payir has played a pivotal role in the transformation of Thenur. On Jan 24th, Payir will celebrated their 12th anniversary.

Please kindly consider donating whatever you can, towards my cause. Your donation will support teachers, staff and excursions for the school run by Payir (for more information, see budget in links below). Moreover, you can always learn about the recent updates from Payir, since I am personally involved through regular phone calls and emails with Senthil and Payir Trust. Updates are available at the links below too.

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Project details, discussions, and budgets: http://new.ashanet.org/project/?pid=956
Payir Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PayirIndia/
Payir website: www.payir.org

1000 USD Target
510 USD Raised
16 Supporters
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