Harshit Shah

About Me:

I am Harshit, a Masters student studying Computer Science at the University of Florida. I am originally from Ahmedabad and started my Masters program in August 2016. My jouney with Asha for Education began when I visited the team one fine day when it was an information session on Gate River Run Event. From that day on there’s not a day looking back and I believe in the cause which Asha is fighting for. I make it a point to run with the team as per the schedule. Team Asha is doing a great deed here helping the under-privileged kids and hope it continues its work for years to come. Gate River Run’17 would be a special event for me as I would be running for the first time for a cause. I wish to raise funds for the poor kids who are not as privileged as I am and would want to play a small change in their lives. As Nelson Mandela rightly said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!’

Running Experience:

My journey with running began when I started realizing the side-effects of not keeping one’s self fit in the long run. For me, Running is equal to meditation. Instead of getting tired, I feel at peace with myself after a long run. Running is more about the mind game rather than your physical efforts. It makes you mentally more stronger with each passing day. Till date, I’ve only run maximum 10 km at a stretch and not more than that. It’s for the first time I would be running a 15k at Jacksonville and I am very excited to complete it and look forward to a half marathon next.

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