Anand Patil

About me:

I hail from Aurangabad, Maharashtra and completed my masters in Structural Engineering from University of Florida in spring 2011. Currently working as Research Engineer in Bridge Software Institute at University of Florida (UF).

My Running Experience:

I wasn’t an athletic person and never participated in any sports in school or in college (as I was unhealthy for most of my college life). Running started for me, which was around 2012, as an exercise that I needed to do to become fit and healthy. But never had I thought that it could be much more, when you run with a group. In Team Asha, I learned that running is not just to improve your appearance or finish races (Though it’s a part of it! ☺), it’s about the journey and the friends or companions you make along the way. With their help I was able to complete 13 half marathons, 8 marathon, a 50k and numerous shorter distances.

My request:

With help of Team Asha, I was able to achieve my personal running goals. I want to use my running for a cause and what cause will be better than educating the kids who are the future of India. So, I request you to please donate for this noble cause. I know many of you already contribute to other excellent causes, but if you can please include Team Asha to those contributions. No amount is small, every penny counts. Thanks in advance for your support.

2000 USD Target
1600 USD Raised
40 Supporters
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Asha for Education-UFlorida
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Tax Status

Asha for Education is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

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