Gargi Beri

Graduate Student
University of Florida

About me:
I’m a Master’s student in the department of Electrical and computer engineering. I completed my Bachelor’s in Electronics and telecommunication from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. I am really passionate about chip designing and it is one of the main reasons that I am here at UF. Apart from studying, I enjoy hiking, birding and reading.

Running Experience:
Back in India, I practiced Yoga and I used to go hiking quite often. When I came to US in August 2017, I stopped exercising because of a sudden tight schedule. When I started running with team Asha, I realized that, having a group of people running with you makes a huge difference. I could run that extra mile with someone encouraging me to run when I would have started walking if I were running alone. This is my first ever 15k and I am very excited to run.

My request:
Every task gets done fast if there are many people working hard to get it done and a society standing by them every step of the way. This fundraising is a great opportunity to support Team Asha’s initiative to help kids back in India. I really appreciate you taking the time to help Gators for Asha.

300 USD Target
76 USD Raised
4 Supporters
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